Questions and answers about how the beans make their music.

November 25, 2002

Q: What kind of guitars does the band use.

A: Mike tends to stick with Gibson's especially a Les Paul for the most part, he also uses Stratocasters, Telecasters and many other guitars depending on the song. T-dog plays mostly a 1962 Lake Placid Blue Jazz Bass that he found in a pawn shop, and a Guild acoustic bass. Non guitar wise Darren plays Yamaha Drums.

Q: What new tunings will Mike be using on the Acoustic album?

A: A suprising amount of music on the acoustic album and the new studio album is being recorded in Open D and a few variation of that tuning.

Q: Is it true Somehting About Monekys will be on the new albums as well?

A: Yes, infact the plan all along was to put a version of the song in a different style on every release the band makes. There are rumers of a blues version, a death metal version and a scarry instrumental version on the way.

Q: How did you get that messed up distortion sound on track 8?

A: Two words Hyper Fuzz.

Q: A guy at a pawn shop tried to tell me an early 90's Epiphone acoustic once belonged to Mike is this true?

A: Entirely possible, the only guitar Mike ever sold fits that vaque description, however be warned, as Mike has described it in a past Q & A "it sounded horible and played even worse,!" D-dog has let many guitars go, and though many were dogs, if you see a light blue 90's US standard strat he would like to get that one back. (Note please send no more letter reguarding this guitar as finding the actual guitar would be next to impossible)

Q: Is there any truth to the Signature Les Paul for Mike showing up in stores yet?

A: Nope, due to production problems with the cases it has been pushed back till next year.

New LIVE album due in stores June 31st